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     ZTE Quantum Co., ltd (hereinafter referred to as the company) is an intelligent equipment development and professional services company.
    The company was founded in September 2011, is a unit of ZTEHoldings, the national high-tech enterprises; domestic only Japan JET certification and large-scale commercial inverter manufacturers, in Japan Chinese Enterprises Association member; Chinese Information Industry Association of new energy branch vice chairman of the unit, the first batch of "leader" won the national title of certification.
    The company has 25 years of communication power products technology accumulation, 16 years of manufacturing experience in sheet metal industry, with 18000 square meters of its own production base, improve the supply chain system and quality control system.
    Core R&D team gathered in the domestic industry leading talent and professional technical team, and with the major scientific research institutions and industry experts for long-term technical cooperation, has a strong independent research and development capabilities. So far has been the more than and 60 patents, and achieved TUV, ISO, OHSAS, sun and a number of products and system certification.

    ZTE has always adhere to create value, for the sake of users for cooperation concept, and strive to become the most trusted and respected company.

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